Sunday, November 29, 2009

We have moved

So as you all Know we have moved to Germany...

Wow what a crazy ordeal.. We are all unpacked but looking for places to store things as there is not enough storage here...

Bikes, rakes, brooms ... OH MY!

In getting unpacked I found lots of old things I should have got ride of long ago... lol ... but found the boxes of Christmas Decorations... I was so excited to get decorating as you can see from my picture to the right... Lots of our decoration are still boxed up as we would need so many transformers to run all the lights that we would look like the Griswald family!

We decided to buy 220-volt Christmas tree lights and had a blast putting those on the tree! Have you ever heard the funny version of twelve days of Christmas... well that was us...

"Well if your so smart you ring up the lights!"

Here is to a Wonderful and festive family filled Christmas!

The Suarez Clan!

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