Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Market in Nurenberg

On Saturday we ventured to Nuremberg to see the Kristkindell market..

It was so pretty. We had a wonderful time with friends... we walked, looked, and tested a lot of the things we love about Germany and Christmas.. There were Gluwein, Candles, ornaments and of course the traditional Christmas food... Crepes filled with Nutella, Candy roasted cashews, pretzels filled with butter and cheese...

There was a Children's section with rides such as Ferris wheel, train, 2 story merry-go-round and of course Santa... Nico was afraid of Santa this year.. must have been the fact he spoke no english.. he says to me but he is Santa.. He knows every language.. How can you argue with that.. lol But even though we had a set back he still enjoyed himself...

I have enclosed the web page for the Christmas Market..
Please feel free to read about the history of this event and look at the pictures

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